Installation Guide

Installation is a breeze, follow our step by step guide here.

Tools required - microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol, masking tape, squeegee, cutting tool.

Prepare the snowboard

Clean the top of the snowboard. A cleaning fluid, such as isopropyl alcohol, and a microfiber cloth will clean and prepare the snowboard surface to ensure that the top-sheet decal adheres with good strength.

This is also a good time to clean up any raised edges on the snowboard sidewall, which will help the top-sheet decal adhere smoothly. This can be done with a cutting blade, such as a box-cutter or scalpel.

Align the top-sheet

Lay the decal face down and the snowboard on top of it, also face down. Centre the snowboard on the decal, ensuring that there is equal overhang of top-sheet decal at nose and tail and side to side.  (Each top-sheet decal is made to be slightly longer and wider than your snowboard).

Using masking tape or similar, tape the overhanging decal to the snowboard.

Repeat the process to the center of the snowboard. This will help keep the decal graphic perfectly aligned on the snowboard.

Installing the top-sheet decal

Starting at the opposite end to the one taped to the snowboard, peel away the edge of the decal and adhere it to the end of the snowboard, ensuring that the decal is centered and as straight as possible. Smooth the area using a squeegee.

With a hand on either side of the top-sheet decal, peel back 10-15cm of the decal backing, ensuring that the decal does not touch the snowboard surface, then, using a squeegee, gently push the top-sheet decal down onto the snowboard.

Repeat this process until you reach the center of the snowboard and then remove the masking tape.

From this point you can keep using the above technique to cover the entire snowboard, or you can flip the snowboard around and gently pull the top-sheet decal backing towards you, while smoothing down the decal with the squeegee.

If you make a mistake with the top-sheet decal alignment, it is easy to peel back the section and try again. Due to the flexibility of the vinyl, it is possible to make side to side alignment adjustments without peeling away the entire decal.


We have found that a consistent method for trimming is pressing the flat of the cutting blade against the snowboard sidewall and running it the length of the snowboard, with pressure being placed on the top-sheet edge. 

Focusing on matching the angle of the sidewall provides a neat and clean trim line. 

As the nose and tail of the snowboard tapers out towards zero sidewall, roughly maintaining the previous sidewall cutting angle will help provide a clean finish.

It is easy to go back to a section and apply the same technique to clean it up.


Cut in the Bindings

Creating your binding holes can be done with a scalpel, razor blade or box cutter.

 Alternatively it can be done with a phillips-head screwdriver.


Apply Heat

A small amount o heat applied to the edges will help adhesion. This can be done with a heat-gun or hair-dryer. To ensure the top-sheet graphic does not over heat, use on low heat and move up and down the edges, keeping at least 10cm away rom the surface.